Dear Dystonia

Dear Dystonia

I hated you when you first entered my life, I could not understand why you chose me to punish.

That hate for you turned into hate for myself, low self esteem, low self value and a negative perspective of myself, which lead to negative mindless affirming; like “no man will ever find me attractive”, ” I am bit slow “, “i don’t believe my body is strong and healthy”.

I believed them and they manifest.

How you knocked me down Dystonia, but if I wasn’t knocked down, how would I know how to get up?

If I didn’t negatively affirm would I know the benefits of positively affirming?

If you did not cause self hate would i know progressively try to build internal love?

If you didn’t cause chaos in me would I even know how to identify the peace within me?

As you take me through trails I will learn, overcome and achieve.

You have made me understand without rain there is no growth.

Yours sincerely