Are new clothes hazardous to health?

Canadians frequently cross the border in order to get branded clothing, amongst other things for less than they would pay in Canada. As a new resident of Canada I thought lets go over the border and see what all the hype is about?

Here is a picture of a top I bought from the USA.

Oooh, new clothes ❤️

My initial thought was;

What a bargain!

I tried it on when I got home and wow the smell from the material was intense. It went straight to my head; it was like a shoe polish. I looked on the label which had no indication of any substance been put on the material. I then did some online research because my body reaction to the smell raised questions in my head about if this was safe to wear.

What I found was far from reassuring and here’s a summary;

Both high end and low end clothes have chemicals sprayed on them to make them colour, crease, and stain resistant.

It’s a long process getting the clothes from start to shelf and most clothes are made in places like China, India, Philippines with under payed workers. Chemicals are sprayed to insure there is no trace smell linking garments to their country of origin. Ok so whats the problem? A lot of these chemical on clothing are known to possibly cause a whole host of problems from allergies to fertility problems to child defects and cancer whats more disturbing is the manufacturer have no legal obligation to disclose any name of chemicals they spray on your clothes. Even if they are proven carcinogen which basically means cancer causing. What really hit home is my husbands mum was a seamstress and recently was diagnosed with cancer. The question arises does long term exposure to these chemicals pose a risk to us all?

As a mother you naturally want to protect your kids from any harm, and secondly you want to protect yourself. so what can you do when buying a new item of clothing?

1 Use your nose if it has a strong smell put it back.

2 Any clothing you buy wash at least once but 2 to 3 times before wearing (DO NOT EVER WEAR NEW CLOTHES STRAIGHT OFF THE HANGER)

3. If you can afford it, buy organic clothing. Hemp clothes are great.

4. Look for more natural materials like cotton and wool rather than synthetics like nylon. Hemp is great.

5. Do your research. What are people saying about your favourite brands and how toxic they are?

Ignorance is bliss but not taking preventive methods may mean you could be paying a higher price than you ever realized – so be smart.

Wake up and smell the coffee clothing.


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    Wow I never knew this, it’s crazy how consumers don’t tell customers about the chemicals that are used esp when it comes to health its important. Thanks for sharing its good to know x

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